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Klinefelter Syndrome?

Or is he XXY? There IS a difference!

A Parent's View

Boys are made of special things and sometimes some Xtra special things!

Allow me to begin by telling you that many doctors and researchers do not refer to Klinefelter Syndrome when referring to a child because a child can not and does not have the symptoms of what Harry Klinefelter researched and not all babies and boys will go on to develop the symptoms associated with Klinefelters Syndrome and until they do, they do not have a syndrome. There is the blessing of the early diagnosis. SO much can be changed but just having that advantage. Use it to yours!!

So you have just been told that your baby has an extraX.......There is so much more to know than just that! Please take the time to educate yourself. The unknown is a scary place to be and usually the FACTS are not as bad as they first may seem. Please read on!

I was in your shoes just a short time ago when I was told that my two month old baby had this disorder. I was terrified....but I also love my child with all of my heart so I took the time to learn. I will share with you what I felt, heard, read and learned and hopefully provide you with something I wished I had had available to me the day I was told.


A touching story written by the Author of this Site-Terrin. The edited version of this story has now been published in a book titled You Will Dream New Dreams. A collection of essay's written by Parents of children with different abilities.
Available in book stores, libraries and on the web.

Who am I?

What does an XXY baby look like?

What is Klinefelter Syndrome?

CAUTION!! Early studies Misleading

Letter from Mary

Is Mary alone? NO, read on.....

More from Mary

The REAL experts! Letters from Parents and Men!

Developmental Milestones - ages Birth to Six

Parenting Class now in session!

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Understanding Klinefelter Syndrome: A Guide for XXY Males and their Families.Complete book written by Robert Bock, Office of Research Reporting, NICHD.

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XXY related events and meetings

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Sometimes the mothers of special children question "why me" Well Erma Bombeck has some wonderful thoughts on WHY we are chosen to have these special children. She refers to all different kinds of special children, not just one specific disorder. Take a look.....

"Earning The True Gift" Erma Bombeck

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